Privacy Policy

Advantage Safety Plus will occasionally send mailings to individuals who have supplied us their contact information. We sometimes exchange names and address information with other trustworthy companies whose products or services may interest you. We do not sell telephone, email or fax information. If you’d prefer not to receive mailings from Advantage Safety or anyone else, or would like your name excluded from exchange, please call us at 262-695-9997.

Credit card information is encrypted through our secure site when it is entered, and is not available to Advantage Safety employees during or after the transaction. We gather click-stream data and URL protocol elements through access logs. This information is gathered for website and system administration, comprising research and development, user analysis and future business decisions.

We employ cookies, which are installed on all visitor hard drives, in order to collect aggregate information on the number of visitors to our site and other browsing habits of our visitors. Cookies can be removed by using the Settings option of your Internet browser.

Please visit our contact page if you feel any portion of this privacy policy has been violated.

Contact the safety equipment providers at Advantage Safety Plus for more information on our privacy policy.
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