Safety Equipment to Keep You Working

Downtime isn’t in your vocabulary. The last thing on your mind is missing work because you didn’t have the right equipment. Advantage Safety Plus is here to make sure you always have the top quality safety equipment you need to stay on the job. We work directly with the manufacturers of top brands to make sure we have the best price on hundreds of safety gloves and glasses, work boots, personal protective equipment and more. Whether you’re a manufacturer or contractor looking to keep your employees safe, or an individual looking for the right gear to do the job, we have the safety equipment you need to stay hard at work.

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Safety Gloves, Work Boots and Other Protective Clothing

Staying safe on the job starts with the clothes you wear. Safety gloves protect your hands and fingers from worksite dangers, from hot metal slag to laboratory biohazards. If you can walk, you can work, so stay upright and mobile with the right footwear and accessories to protect your feet. Rain or shine, in good weather and bad, you’re there to get the job done. Stay comfortable and dry with the right clothing for the conditions.

OSHA Compliant PPT – Personal Protectives You Can Count On

From hardhats to harnesses, Advantage Safety Plus has the safety equipment you need to meet and exceed OSHA regulations. Keep your eyes, head and face safe with hardhats and caps, faceshields and welding helmets and accessories. Industrial earmuffs and plugs protect your fragile hearing in high-decibel worksites. Breathe easy with SCBA, PAPR and more respiratory protection options. Personal fall protection harnesses and equipment will let you work at any height as safely as if you were on the ground.

First Aid Safety Equipment for When Emergencies Happen

No matter how safe a jobsite is, accidents do happen, meaning every worksite should have a broad range of first aid and emergency response equipment. First aid kits and wound care accessories will let workers treat most minor cuts and scrapes and burns on site. In the event of a serious injury, dress wounds to prevent infection while you wait for emergency responders. Disinfectant soaps and cleaning supplies will help control the spread of germs, keeping you healthy, safe and, most importantly, on the job.

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