Advantage Safety Plus: Your Safety Footwear Supplier

Working construction or a meat processing plant, you’re on your feet all day. The safety and protection of your feet is as important as the rest of you. Advantage Safety Plus offers a wide selection of work shoes and boots from the top manufacturers like Onguard Industries and Honeywell Safety. Whether you need protection from chemical spills or your job requires a steel-toe boot, we’ve got the footwear to match the job. We even have boots for those jobs in extreme cold.

Beyond Boots: Protective Footwear Accessories

Foot protection goes beyond simply wearing a work boot. You may also need shin guards or stud replacements. In addition to safety boots and shoes, we also offer boot and shoe accessories. Our aluminum alloy shin-instep guards from Ellwood Safety provide maximum protection from impact and penetration. The Honeywell Servus Norcross large boot stud guards against slippage in wet conditions.

All the Pros, None of the Cons

Our selection of boots and shoes, as well as accessories, are lightweight and can be worn all day. You won’t have to worry about fatigue or stress injuries when wearing them. It’s the best of both worlds. We don’t think safety should come at the expense of comfort.

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