Ergonomics & Fall Protection

The Best in Ergonomic and Fall Protection Products

Advantage Safety Plus offers safety products with both ergonomics and fall protection in mind. When it comes to safety products, comfort is just as important as size and durability. An improperly fitting fall protection harness or work gloves won’t do you much good. If you add a design not made for comfort or to otherwise avoid stress and injury, you will get little benefit. We specialize in comfort and safety.

Fall Protection Systems

We offer the best in fall protection products. Designed to fully support your weight in emergency or hazardous situations, our harnesses, rebar hooks, and web lanyards offer the highest level of fall protection in the industry. We carry trusted brands like DBI Sala, MSA, and Miller. With us, you know you’re getting top quality safety products every time you order.

Your Ergonomic Product Supplier

Advantage Safety Plus has products designed for maximum ergonomic impact, as well. Elbow sleeves, kneepads, and lower back support systems – we’ve got it all from the top manufacturers including Ergodyne, OccuNomix, and Valeo. Your comfort when you’re not in a risky situation is as important as your safety when you are. There’s no reason to risk an injury when you’re at home. An uncomfortable safety product isn’t safe.

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