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Advantage Safety Provides the Best Selection of Worker Safety Clothing

Staying safe on the job starts with the clothes you wear. Rain or shine, in good weather or bad, you need to get the job done. Stay comfortable and dry with the right clothing in any work conditions by shopping Advantage Safety Plus. Reduce your exposure to various work place hazards, and create a barrier between you and the work environment.

Advantage Safety offers the widest selection of indoor and outdoor protective clothing, including:

Bandanas, Caps and Sweaters

Bouffant Cap- Hairnet

Chemical Clothing

Disposable Clothing

Flame Retardant Clothing

High Head Clothing

Insulated Clothing

Leather Clothing


Reflective Clothing and Vests

Winter Liners

Work Clothing and Accessories

No matter what your work environment is, we provide industry leading protective gear from trusted brands like:



Safety King




High Quality Personal Protective Equipment

Whether working with volatile chemicals, building construction in the bitter cold, or even working in a kitchen where hairnets are required, you will find the best selection of personal protective equipment from Advantage Safety Plus. With good ergonomic design and quality craftsmanship, our clothing is guaranteed to keep you safe and comfortable, no matter the conditions. Advantage Safety offers full ensembles of protective clothing or the option to purchase individual pieces. We are the one stop source for all your industrial workplace needs.

Browse our other protective gear and ensure your workplace safety with Advantage Safety today.

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