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Your work is important. You don’t have the luxury of taking days off because you “feel a little under the weather.” And injuries? If you can walk, you can work. You deserve safety gloves and equipment that work as hard as you do, and never take a day off. That’s why you turn to Advantage Safety Plus for the best safety equipment products on the market at the best prices you can find.

Quality Industrial Safety Products for Any Application

Advantage Safety Plus is your one-stop source for quality industrial safety equipment. From safety gloves and work boots to first aid and respiratory masks, we have the equipment you need to stay safe on the job site. Safety is paramount, whether you’re working with electricity, chemicals or acids, in construction or metal working, or in any other profession where the right equipment can be the difference between a preventable accident and a job well done. We supply individuals, contractors and manufacturers with the tools they need to keep workers safe and productive.

The right tools make all the difference. You wouldn’t jump out of an airplane without a parachute, don’t go into the jobsite improperly prepared without the safety gloves, work boots and safety goggles you need to keep yourself safe.

At Advantage Safety Plus, we deal directly with manufacturers of the best name-brand safety equipment to bring you the lowest prices on the products you need. Looking for something specific? Browse our products by category, or use our search bar to find the right equipment for your job. Check out our specials for extra savings on top-quality name brand safety equipment! Order online today and get your supplies fast, so you don’t miss a beat. Advantage Safety Plus is here to keep you safe on the job, all day, every day.

Brand Name Safety Gloves Available at Discount Prices

Protect Your Fingers and Hands with Safety Gloves Specific to Your Needs

Safety gloves protect your most valuable asset, your hands! Nearly every profession needs a glove tailored to a particular need. Carpenters will appreciate cut resistant and heavy leather gloves to prevent splinters, while those in the medical field need the safety and dexterity of disposable latex gloves. Whatever your job needs, browse our selection of safety gloves by material or application.

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